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So we had a picnic on the beach, watched by seagulls - mother(?) and son(?). The baby, who was nearly as big as the parent, had clearly been sent to beg alone and was distraught - very noisy and quite pathetic. We ate, drank, and did a Harry Potter quiz, provided by [livejournal.com profile] pushkin666. It was a close thing but the winner was [livejournal.com profile] kat_lair with 32 correct answers out of 40. The prize was that the other competitors should each write a drabble of the winner's choice. This turned out to be Harry Potter - any character, genre, etc. So here's my offering (already emailed to the lucky winner). It's exactly 100 words though we realise that all kinds of very short ficlets count as drabbles. It's also sort of f/m but really gen and suitable for all ages. Under a cut for size and for surprise value. Click on the image for the full size.

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So I completely forgot to hand out the copies of the answers for the programme crosswords. Apologies for this. They've been sat on my desktop staring at me since the end of the Bacchanalia.

In a bid to give these to people, and to start to clear my desktop, I've converted these from PDF's to JPG/PNG's and am uploading these below.

I'll put behind a cut in case people still want to do the crosswords without the answers directly in front of them :)

If you can't see them properly please DM me and I'll send the PDF.

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So the Broadstairs Bacchanalia looks like it's a go-er.   Thought it would be better to have a comm for this, so that all the info can be put into one place, rather than spread all over LJ :)

This is one of those posts where I can post a word cloud for the event and say  "I made this" *g*, or for those of us of a certain age "here's one I made earlier"  If you look very carefully you'll see the words Broadstairs and Bacchanalia hiding amongst the fandom words.

coffee cup word cloud


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