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Dearest Con Writers!

I have created a Broadstairs Bacchanalia Parent Collection on AO3, with Sub Collections for each year. So, as you post this year's fics you can add them to the Broadstairs Bacchanalia 2015 collection. And everyone who has posted their fics from last year at AO3, could I please ask you to edit your fics and add them to the Broadstairs Bacchanalia 2014 collection.

As you post or edit your fic AO3, look for 'Post to Collections / Challenges' on the form. Then start typing Broadstairs... onto the text box and the relevant collection options should crop up. Any problems, do ask.

Much obliged!

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So, this is a reminder regarding the Bacchanalia.   [livejournal.com profile] kat_lair and I are in the process of planning the second Broadstairs Bacchanalia, which as you may or may not know takes place in the small seaside town of Broadstairs in Kent, UK.

We are currently hosting a poll to see which weekend in September people prefer for this year's mini-con.  We have had some voting already take place, and will close this shortly.  So, it's up to you people who would like to come along and join us for a great weekend of geektastic and fandom fun.

First of all, let us know if you'd like to come.  It was really good fun last year with vids, fandom pimping, talks, ice cream, walking along the beach, cider and other wonderful things.

Please feel free to come along and vote, and even look at joining us in September - it's really is a great weekend.

POLL  - Broadstairs Bacchanalia returns ... but when?
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Dearest Broadstairs Bacchi!

The mini-con is returning, as promised! But before we can start thinking about practical arrangements (moth2fic, I think you had the whole house in mind...?) we need to settle on a date. Currently, we are still thinking September though a bit earlier than last year. So, please tick which of the below weekends you could do, and tick both if you don't mind. You can suggest other dates but the September ones were chosen to accommodate our timetables and we suspect everyone has other plans for August (plus Broadstairs will be heaving so accommodation prices would likely be higher etc).

[Poll #2000656]

And remember, please pimp the comm and the poll to your flisters in case other people would be interested!


Con Posts!

Oct. 5th, 2014 09:48 am
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Hello my darlings!

Thank you again for each and everyone of you for showing up and contributing to the first Broadstairs Bacchanalia. I would like to remind you that the comm is open for any members to post con reports, photos (check with individuals first and place any pictures of people under flock) and details about your talks, links to anything you might have mentioned.

I'm going to start later today and provide some summaries of my talks and pimps (yes, including the photos hah).

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*taps glass*  Is this still on.  Yep it really is *g* You may well be wondering if anybody is here. Well, yes we are still here.

One of the things we've been thinking about is what might happen over the weekend of the Bacchanalia. Now, we do have some ideas, for example:-

  1. Viewing of fandom vids

  2. How to survive a Zombie Apocalypse talk

  3. Kink talk

  4. Fandom scrabble

  5. Writing a drabble/limerick

  6. Promoting small fandoms

  7. The many different types of lube used in fanfic...,  Yep that one is a doozy.

The question is though, what would you like to happen over the weekend?  Is there anything in particular that you'd like us to try and incorporate.  Would you like to give a talk about something.  Do you yearn to tell us about your fanart, how you spend your time knitting Supernatural dolls or any other such things. What drew you into fandom etc etc.

At the end of the day this is your weekend as much as ours so we'd like to know what you might like.


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