Oct. 7th, 2015

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This is the text of the talk I gave at the con in September. I had it printed out as handouts and [livejournal.com profile] margaret_r had made it all pretty with text boxes so that it was easier to read and refer to but LJ doesn't seem to encourage that kind of thing... So you get the unadorned version.

I'll start with an overview of three methods of getting your work to other people's eyes - fanfic, mainstream publishing and self publishing. I am not even going to touch on vanity publishing which is where you actually pay someone to publish your work. It was valid once upon a time - early nineteenth century? Not any more.

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(I have chosen the 'public' security option because I hope to send some of my f'list here and they aren't - yet - members.)
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This is addressed to a lot of people, mostly UK based, who belong to the Broadstairs Bacchanalia com or to the f’lists of the com members. It was handed out in print format to the attendees at the recent con and will be on the com’s site. It can be disseminated to anyone who might be having trouble with trolls or cyberbullying provided this introduction is included.

Although the information is based on some AO3 staff discussions and research, this should in no way be taken as an AO3 official handout. It consists mostly of a slightly edited version of a letter one of the Abuse team on AO3 has drafted for sending to the people who have been affected so far by the Hockey RPF trolling issue. (This was discussed in two presentations at the con and in general conversation on the beach etc.) Edited in the sense of removing personal/identifying information and adding a few words to make it intelligible to people who have not already submitted a report or are not in US or in Hockey rpf fandom. This advice is not complete and we welcome additions. It is also, of course, not limited to the current issue or fandom.

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Please disseminate this widely but make sure you keep the intro. I've chosen public as the security option so you can send people here or copy paste it wherever you like.


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